The goal of Air Dream Aviation Services – Training is to professionalise Learning and Development at both the capacity and individual expert levels. Our training focuses on the job-related skills required in this industry, which includes complete understanding of the job profile, client handling abilities, and grooming while preparing the competitor for the energising world of Aviation, Hospitality, Travel and Tourism, and Retail.

Training and progression plans are developed to ensure that personnel acquire and retain training levels sufficient to meet the organization\’s current and future competency needs, while also ensuring that these plans are carried out without interruption. In this manner, emphasis is placed on providing them with the complete knowledge and skills they require in order to achieve the results expected of them in the most efficient and productive manner possible.

At Air Dream Aviation Services, we recognise the importance of training in light of innovative improvements, as well as in accordance with the local and international rules that govern its operation

Manpower Services

Airlines automatically approach Air Dream Aviation Services for their Ground Staff requirements before going public with this information, as a natural result of Air Dream Aviation Services excellent relationships with aviation industry players. As a result, Air Dream Aviation Services is frequently the first to learn of these coveted openings. This is applicable to all career opportunities across the entire staff requirement checkerboard. We have a reputation for developing a variety of niche careers and supplying bright and highly competitive individuals to the airline and travel and tourism industries.

At Air Dream Aviation Services, we make certain that our candidates have access to the best job opportunities in the aviation, hospitality, travel and tourism, retail, and event management industries. Potential candidates are gathered in a competitor pool as part of our routine of placing the right person in the right job and in accordance with our HR planning. Our policy in faculty selection is to give priority to all candidates in position opportunities based on their individual career paths and potential